OMN offers a variety of dynamic demonstrations, interactive assembly formats and innovative hands-on classroom and after-school programs that are designed to ignite an interest in science and inspire students to think critically.

All of our outreach programs are cost effective, tailored to support your curriculum goals and aligned with state and national educational standards.

With transportation challenges, cost and time restraints, it can be difficult to take your students on a field trip. Why not let our trained educators come to you?

Basic pricing
Single hands-on session
(up to 30 students)
Single assembly session
1/2 day or evening of science
(up to 3 hours of programming)

Minimum program charge of $350.00 for venues over 50 miles away. Mileage charges apply to venues over 30 miles away.


Lower Elementary (Pre-K - 3rd)
Classroom activities are optimized for groups of 20-30. 
Each session runs 45 minutes to an hour. Content can be adjusted for grade level. 
Inspired by the delightful book Rosie Revere Engineer, join us for a fun filled session of hands-on exploration, design, and building. Even the youngest engineer will have the opportunity to test their creativity, perfect their problem-solving, and build their confidence.  
AIR PLAY (Pre-K - 1st) 
Based off of The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, this program is an exploration in how air can carry different things. Little scientists will conduct tests, record results, and use their new knowledge as they build their own air powered creations. 
SCIENCE STUDIO (1st - 3rd) 
Wanted: artistically minded scientists AND scientifically minded artists. Don’t think science and art belong together? Let us show you how they do! This wholly immersive and interactive program will not only illuminate how often science and art go hand in hand, but will also allow the opportunity to create different incredible works of art to take home.  
ANIMAL ANTICS (Pre-K - 3rd) 
Reptiles, amphibians, insects—oh my! Want to get up close and personal with some of our creepy, crawly, pals? Then this program is just for you! Learn all about some of our legless, scaled or even prickly co-workers, and get the hands-on chance make friends with them.  
Classroom activities are optimized for groups of 20-30. 
Each session runs 45 minutes to an hour. Content can be adjusted for grade level.
This imaginative toy design challenge will develop students’ problem-solving skills, while allowing them to be toymakers for a day. They will design, build, test, and experience first-hand the basics of engineering. 
SCIENCE STUDIO (4th - 6th) 
Calling all artists! Did you know that much of art has a scientific component to it, as well? Come learn about how science and art intersect while creating a few of your own masterpieces to take home. Whether it’s a robotic friend who helps you draw or an awesome mathematically based line drawing, you’re sure to tap into your inner artist and scientist in this creatively diverse program!
You may think you know about animal defense mechanisms, but do you know which snake plays dead to escapes its predators? Do you know which reptile spins its entire body to defend itself? How about which insect is hearty enough to be dropped from a two story building and still survive? If you don’t know, then have no fear! Come meet our scaly, spiny, amazingly adaptable employees in this hands-on program, and you’ll learn all the incredible ways they survive and protect themselves! 
WHAT IS ROBOTICS? (6th - 8th) 
Robotics is an integral part of your everyday life perhaps even when you don’t realize it, but what exactly is robotics? How does robot differ from a machine? Come join our robotics team and gain a better understanding of the field, and then get a chance to perfect your engineering, design, and teamwork skills in this interactive, exciting, full contact program! 
(Upper Elementary - MiddleSchool) 
Young heroes unite! Come to Camp Half-Blood and learn how to reign in the stormy power of Zeus, wiled Poseidon’s oceanic force, and focus Athena’s gift of intuition and knowledge. 
Before you enter the Arena, join us on the training grounds and hone the wilderness survival skills you’ll need to survive the ever-changing landscape of the Quarter Quell. 

BATH LAB (Middle School - Adults)
Which essential oils are best for relaxation? What is a natural germ-killer? Is there an herb that is good for muscle pain? Join us at our bath lab and find out! We’ll explore the beneficial properties of herbs and oils, mix them together to create unique blends, and even add in a few chemistry secrets to make things bubble and fizz! You will leave prepared with a selection of your very own bath creations to cleanse, rejuvenate, and exfoliate.
GODS, HEROES, AND MONSTERS (Middle School - Adults) 
Myriads of legends and mythologies have passed in and out of prominence throughout the ages, but simply because a god or monster has lost its followers, does that mean it has ceased to exist? Join us as we lure the heroes of old out of their shadows and uncover mythological secrets from across the millennia.
THE GREAT PUZZLE CHALLENGE (Middle School - Adults) 
From the Sphinx’s riddle in Greek myth to the modern day Rubik’s cube, mankind has always had a deep fascination with puzzles. After all, what other pastime so effectively provides engaging entertainment while providing the opportunity to display one’s mental prowess? Join us on our own challenge course and pit your brain against a villainous set of mind benders.

Come join us for this high energy, fast paced demonstration about the wonder and magic of science! Spectacular action and wild experiments abound in this assembly program that will delight and amaze audiences of all ages and sizes.

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