Mobile Museum Exhibits

Light Wheel

Mundane's plan for world domination hinges on his ability to keep your thoughts focused on the ordinary, never looking beyond the obvious. To his delight, Dr. Cy N. Tist's Light Wheel appears to be nothing more that a repeating set of red lights - repetitive, boring, monotonous..........perfect!

But, Dr. Cy's got a few optical tricks up his sleeve. All you have to do is give the wheel a good, hard spin and keep your eyes focused on the lights.

Your eyes see the dots as they move and send images to your brain. Dr. Cy knows that your brain holds onto each image for a split second, while your eyes process the next one. When the images change quickly, instead of seeing a series individual dots, your brain sees one continuous movement, allowing you to find the important message he's hidden inside.

CONCEPTS: persistence of vision, optical illusions.