Mobile Museum Exhibits

Hack the System

Breaking into the evil Dr. Mundane's lair isn't going to be easy. It's going to take a total team effort, some serious science savvy, and a set of fairly flexible friends.

Step into the chamber and locate the keypad. For this mission to succeed, you'll have to get past the secret security code. Mundane changes his codes frequently, pulling them from a vast list of vocabulary words. Fortunately, he's forgetful, so he leaves himself a clue. Focus on the clue's meaning and use it to decipher the code. Enter your letter choice on the keypad, but beware, each wrong selection will trigger a laser.

A warning horn will sound before a laser is deployed and flashing lights will help you to predict it's path. Avoid the lasers! If any member of your team crosses a beam, the computer will initiate a system shutdown.

CONCEPTS: science vocabulary, teamwork, introduction to lasers.